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Downloads which are also available from other sites are described as such and a link provided.

Many of the documents are unique to this site providing an archive of material for anyone interested in the Fleet Air Arm, past, present and future.

Arctic Star

Application Form and eligibility criteria are also available from Veterans UK

FAA Memorial

A line of blank Portland stone plaques surrounds the Fleet Air Arm Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum. Fleet Air Arm associations, squadrons, Royal Naval air stations and ships may have one of the stones engraved.  Some guidelines and an application form are provided below.

Heroes Return

Funds are available for WWII veterans (including former prisoners of war) resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland who saw active service overseas with or alongside the British and Allied Armed Forces between September 1939 and September 1945. WWII veterans may be accompanied by a spouse and/or carer. Widows and widowers of WWII veterans are also eligible, in most cases.

This grant enables WW2 veterans, their spouse and a carer (where necessary) to return to where they served in the UK or overseas with substantial funds being made available towards the cost of travel and accommodation. The amount awarded is a fixed amount per veteran and depends on the number of people taking part and the destination. This means that the amount of grant we will award will depend on where you visit.

For more information about grants from Heroes Return, call the advice line on 0845 00 00 121 or visit

Fleet Air Arm - Information and Careers

You can find information on careers in the Fleet Air Arm within the Royal Navy's website. On that website you will find downloadable packs for many careers. Those concerned with the Fleet Air Arm careers are reproduced below.

Royal Navy

A Global Force and Royal Navy Matters were magazines published by the RN. Both are Crown Copyright.

Fleet Air Arm in the Royal Navy

The Fleet Air Arm is an integral part of the Royal Navy operating a variety of different aircraft and deployed worldwide supporting UK defence and security interests. The Royal Navy website has a lot of information about what it does here Click on WHAT WE DO.  Some information sheets, particularly those with a significant Fleet Air Arm contribution, are reproduced below.

London Olympics 2012

Defence Contribution to 2012 London Olympics and Royal Navy Assets factsheets

Strategic Defence and Security Reviews

Statistics and SDSR from direct gov website


Archive of the Newsletters produced to celebrate 100 years of Naval Aviation in 2009.
Please note the addresses and phone numbers for FN100 are no longer in use.

Fly Navy Heritage Trust

The Fly Navy Heritage Trust exists to enable the Royal Navy Historic Flight to display its iconic Fairey Swordfish, Hawker Sea Fury and Hawker/Armstrong Whitworth Sea Hawk at Air Shows across the United Kingdom and increase public awareness of the glorious heritage of British Naval Aviation.

It also supports the Fleet Air Arm Museum based at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton with its award winning displays and static aircraft; the largest Naval Aviation Museum in Europe and the Commonwealth.

Finally the FNHT honours the sacrifice of Fleet Air Arm personnel, past and present through support to the Church of St. Bartholomew, with its Naval Cemetery and Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church near to RNAS Yeovilton. The Church houses the Fleet Air Arm's Roll of Honour recording the names of over 6500 personnel who have given their lives over more than100 years of Royal Naval Aviation.


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