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The Petty Officer of the Deck marshals the F-35 into position
09 Jun 2021

Lightning strikes HMS Prince of Wales for first time

Britain has taken a big step towards a two-strike carrier Navy with the debut of the F-35 Lightning aboard HMS Prince of Wales.

05 Jun 2021

UK and French carriers come together in impressive display

HMS Queen Elizabeth and FS Charles de Gaulle laid on an impressive display of Anglo-French naval and air power as the two nations’ flagships worked side-by-side for the first time.

23 May 2021

UK Carrier Strike Group heads on historic deployment after royal visit

HMS Queen Elizabeth has sailed from Portsmouth for her maiden operational deployment at the heart of the UK’s Carrier Strike Group after a farewell visit from Her Majesty The Queen.

A Merlin Mk2 prepares to lift off at sunset off the South Coast
23 May 2021

HMS Prince of Wales takes first steps towards front-line operations

The flight deck of HMS Prince of Wales is buzzing with air power again – as the Royal Navy generates a second 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier ready for front-line operations.

23 May 2021

Carriers sail together

Twenty warships, three submarines and 150 aircraft have taken part in a UK-led multinational exercise to test the UK Carrier Strike Group’s response to a range of crisis and conflict situations.

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