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Monmouth's Lynx and Trenchant in background

Under, over and on the sea

Published: 13 Dec 2012

HMS Monmouth’s Lynx returns to mother after a sortie with HMS Trenchant silhouetted on the surface in the distance. The two ships linked up for a day east of Suez as they temporarily broke off from their respective patrols to give their crews a taste of life ‘on the other side’. A few Trenchants joined the Black Duke, while ‘skimmers’ from Monmouth clambered down ladders into the bowels of the T-boat somewhere east of Suez.

Trenchant is Britain’s duty east of Suez T-boat, while Monmouth is in the early stages of her patrol of Gulf waters and environs. Both warships will be deployed over the festive season.

Picture: LA(Phot) Ben Shread, HMS Monmouth


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