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Captain Mark Garratt CO RNAS Culdrose presenting Ernie Endean with his Imperial Service medal
Captain Mark Garratt CO RNAS Culdrose presenting Ernie Endean with his Imperial Service medal

Recognition for long service at Culdrose

Published: 20 Nov 2013

A Civil Servant who has worked at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose for 45 years has been recognised for his loyal and dedicated service with the Fleet Air Arm. 

Ernest Endean (Ernie) started work at the Navy’s Cornish Air Base on 01 April 1968 and has seen 25 Commanding Officers at the helm in his time. He was first employed as a ‘Trimmer’, supplying coke to the boiler houses around the Base, before six months later becoming a ‘Stoker’ tending them across the Airfield. By 1971 the furnaces were converted to oil and Ernie moved into working on the Workshop site at Culdrose carrying out several jobs in the Station Engineers and Ground Equipment departments. 

 “I’ve worked 44 years for the station engineers,” said Ernie. One of my jobs involved delivering ground equipment to the squadrons. We had a locally made trailer with heavy running boards at the back, later they introduced a hydraulically powered version which made all the difference. I’ve had a wonderful time.” 

Taking up the position as the Industrial Writer in the Ground Equipment Control Office in 1991 he carried out the duties of maintaining records and planning maintenance for all Ground Equipment on the Air Station till his retirement on 30 April 2013, completing 45 Years Service at RNAS Culdrose.

“I have known Ernie for approximately 25 years,” said Peter Mueller, Station Maintenance Engineering Officer and Ernie’s Boss. “A more loyal and dedicated civil servant you will not find, he never did ‘just enough’ he always did that little bit more and gave up countless hours of his own time to get things done.”

The Imperial Service Medal is affiliated with the Imperial Service Order, which was awarded on retirement to clerical staff of the civil service throughout theBritish Empirefor long and meritorious service. The medal was established on 8 August 1902, by King Edward VII. It is presented to non-managerial civil servants who have completed 25 years service upon their retirement.

Ernie’s not the only Endean who’s put time in at RNAS Culdrose, brother Ronny retired five years ago after 39 years and their father worked on the Base for 24 years, a family total of 108 years service at Culdrose. Since his retirement Ernie has been doing a lot of walking and spending more time with his sisters and family who live in the Helston area where he lives. He’s also a keen spectator of live sports and intends to follow his passion. 

“He is well respected by all his peers and colleagues, very few people if you were to ask would not know of him or had some dealing with him over the years,” said Peter Mueller.


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