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13 Dec mid bow section lifted into place
14 Dec mid bow section in place
18 Dec CB04a lifted into place
19 Dec CB04b lifted into place
28 Dec Gap closes
10 Jan working on the join
16 Jan Forward Island ready
16 Jan Forward Island ready
22 Jan First gas turbine fitted
22 Jan First gas turbine fitted
Blocks making up the carrier

Queen Elizabeth carrier progress

Published: 29 Jan 2013

Progress Report in pictures for Queen Elizabeth.

On 13 December teams at Rosyth lifted the middle bow section into place. The section - VB003/4 - will have another part added on top of it in 2013 to complete LB01, before the ramp is fitted later in the year.

On 18 and 19 December, two more sections of flight deck, CB04a&b, lifted into place, forming the hanger beneath.

28 December 2012, the forward section of HMS Queen Elizabeth - circa 30,000t - was skidded 17 metres backwards to join up with hull section LB04. With remarkable precision, teams closed the 17 metre gap in one day, leaving the massive sections just millimetres apart as integration work begins. See a video clip of the move here.

16 January 2013, the forward island, painted, liveried and weighed ready for transportation to Rosyth. The HMS Queen Elizabeth forward island houses the  bridge and weighs in at 680 tonnes. The iconic block, known as Upper Block 07, contains 83 compartments across its six decks, including the ship’s main Bridge and a cabin for the Commanding Officer.

22 January 2013, the first gas turbine lifted into place.

Prince of Wales

Final ring section of LB03 of the Prince of Wales is moved into place in Govan. Watch video here.

If you liked the images giving the new carriers a sense of scale, you can download them at the links below.


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