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Published: 29 Aug 2017

FIRST-RATE operational effectiveness of Wildcat helicopter Flight was recognised with the award of the prestigious Osprey Trophy.

The Osprey trophy was awarded 209 Flight on 815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS), for their achievements whilst operationally embarked in RFA Mounts Bay. Over the past year 209 Flight have successfully undertaken a demanding programme of operational activity in RFA Mounts Bay on national tasking, the first ever Wildcat to operate in a conflict zone.


209 Flight helped to prevent the illegal flow of arms to terrorist organisations including the first operational Wildcat boarding over watch (a flying century post) as Royal Navy’s newest rotary platform truly demonstrated its world leading capabilities.


The Wildcat of 209 Flight provided essential surveillance and reconnaissance support delivering the only Rotary Wing provision to remaining chemical weapon precursors and September 2016 an in-theatre flight move saw them deploy into HMS Diamond. During all this time 209 Flight dealt admirably with all of the challenges and tasking presented to them.


The Osprey trophy is awarded annually to the front-line Lynx Flight that has contributed most to the ethos, reputation and standing of the Wildcat Maritime Force over the previous year. Commissioned in 2007, the trophy is in memory of four members of HMS Portland’s Flight who lost their lives in a Lynx helicopter that crashed off the Lizard peninsula in December 2004 and the Wildcat Maritime Force was delighted and honoured to be joined by family members of HMS Portland’s Flight.

Commanding Officer of 815 NAS, Commander Jamieson Stride said:

The Osprey Trophy stands for the foremost mark of commitment and operational achievement on 815 NAS and acknowledges the sacrifice made by the crew of 229 Flight operating from HMS Portland in December 2004, Over the past year 209 Wildcat Flight have completed an exceptionally demanding operational programme- facing head-on some of the harshest challenges presented by an unpredictable and ever changing global environment.

Conducting operations afloat with assured aplomb, 209 Flight have epitomised the ethos of the FAA and contributed directly to UK National Security and are worthy winners of the Osprey Trophy 2017.”


BZ 209!  


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