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HMS Battler
Supermarine Seafire warming up its engine for take on the deck of HMS Formidable
Seafire after crash landing HMS Hunter
Pilots of HMS Battler being briefed for the Salerno Gulf operations
Seafire landing Formidable

On this day 9 September 1943

Published: 09 Sep 2013

On the 9 September 1943 HMS Battler took part in Operation Avalanche the Salerno Landings.

Force comprised Escort carriers Attacker, Battler, Hunter, Stalker and Unicorn plus two Fleet carriers, Formidable and Illustrious, all of which had Supermarine Seafire (the Naval variant of the Spitfire) air groups. Between them they flew during 42 daylight hours for a total of 713 sorties.  Seafires were particularly active in the Salerno operation, with 879 Squadron flying 75 offensive patrols over the landing beaches in the period from 9-13 September. A salient feature of Salerno landings was the involvement of FAA fighters in the initial stages; as regular land-based fighters were out of range.

Battle Honour for FAA Squadrons: 807808809810820834878879880886887888890893894897899


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