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Avenger Mk1 taking off
Firefly onboard HMS Indefatigable
Attacks on Pladjoe oil refineries

On this day 24 January 1945

Published: 24 Jan 2013

Operation Meridian 1 - Attack on oil refineries at Pladjoe near Palembang, Sumatra 24 January 1945

Planned for two days earlier but delayed because of bad weather, the attack took place on 24 January with 43 Avengers, armed with 172 500lb bombs, supported by 12 rocket firing Firefly aircraft and about 50 fighters. Some of the Avengers and part of the fighter escort attacked the Japanese held principal airfields in the area. The fighter sweep destroyed 34 enemy aircraft on the airfields but could not prevent all the Japanese fighters getting airborne

Despite heavy flak, the operation was a success. The output of the refinery was halved for three months and most of the oil in the storage tanks was burnt out. During the course of Meridian 1, a total of seven FAA aircraft were lost.

Operation Meridian 2 followed on 29 January 1945.

 Disposition of Carriers and Squadrons in British Pacific Fleet, January 1945 during Meridian 1 and 2

1839 Sqn   14 Hellcat
1844 Sqn   14 Hellcat
857 Sqn     21 Avenger

1830 Sqn   14 Corsair
1833 Sqn   14 Corsair
854 Sqn     21 Avenger

1834 Sqn   14 Corsair
1836 Sqn   14 Corsair
849 Sqn     21 Avenger
Ships Flt     2 Walrus (SAR)

887 Sqn     20 Seafire
894 Sqn     20 Seafire
1770 Sqn   12 Firefly
820 Sqn     21 Avenger

Image of burning refineries copyright FAA Museum


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