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Sea King HAS Falklands
Sea King HAS Falklands
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Wessex HU5 Falklands

On this day 21 May 1982

Published: 21 May 2013

On this day 21 May 1982 Landings at San Carlos

21 May the British Amphibious Task Group under the command of Commodore Michael Clapp mounted Operation Sutton, the amphibious landing on beaches around San Carlos Water, known as Bomb Alley. 845 NAS Sea Kings provided the air-lift support.

The men of 3 Commando Brigade including their RA and RE support units were put ashore as follows: 
2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (2 Para) from the RORO ferry Norland
40 Commando Royal Marines from the amphibious ship HMS Fearless were landed at San Carlos (Blue Beach
3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 Para) from the amphibious ship HMS Intrepid were landed at Port San Carlos (Green Beach)
45 Commando from RFA Stromness were landed at Ajax Bay (Red Beach). 

The ASW & Junglie squadrons provided almost all the air lift capability in the Falklands. Only one RAF Chinook survived the Argentinian air attack on Atlantic Conveyer.

845 NAS Wessex HU5
846 NAS Sea King HC4
847 NAS Wessex HU5
848 NAS Wessex HU5

820 NAS Sea King HAS5 Invincible
824 NAS Sea King HAS2
825 NAS Sea King HAS2
826 NAS Sea King HAS5 Hermes


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