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Operation pedestal convoy under attack (taken from Victorious)
HMS eagle sinking

On this day 11 August 1942

Published: 11 Aug 2014

On this day 11 August 1942 HMS Eagle sunk during Operation 'Pedestal' (Heavily defended convoy to the beseiged Malta)

The largest Malta convoy to date was assembled at Gibraltar for Operation Pedestal. It consisted of 14 transports, including the large oil tanker SS Ohio. These were protected by powerful escort and covering forces: 44 warships, including three aircraft carriers (Eagle, Indomitable, and Victorious) and two battleships (Nelson and Rodney). 

The convoy was attacked fiercely. Three transports reached Malta on 13 August and another on 14 August. Ohio arrived on 15 August, heavily damaged by air attacks, and under tow by destroyers HMS Penn and Ledbury. The rest were sunk. Ohio later broke in two in Valletta Harbour, but not before much of her cargo had been unloaded. The aircraft carrier Eagle, cruisers HMS Cairo and Manchester and the destroyer HMS Foresight were sunk, and there was serious damage to other warships. The Italian losses were two submarines and damage to two cruisers.


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