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Brian Hanrahan

On this day 1 May 1982

Published: 01 May 2014

On this day 1 May 1982 Sea Harriers of 800 NAS and 801 NAS from Hermes & Invincible bomb Port Stanley & Goose Green

Twenty Sea Harriers of 800 and 801 Squadrons from HMS Hermes & Invincible bomb Port Stanley & Goose Green. BBC Correspondent the late Brian Hanrahan is unable to say how many aircraft were involved, but famously comments, ‘I counted them all out, and I counted them all back’.

Using cluster bombs at Goose Green, Lt Cmdr Frederiksen, Lt Hale and Lt McHarg RN of 800NAS destroyed a Pucara of FAA Grupo 3 killing its pilot Lt Jukic. Two more aircraft damaged.

The task force achieves its first aircraft kill when Flt Lt Paul Barton RAF, an exchange officer with 801 NAS, intercepted an Argentinean Mirage of Grupo 8 and shot it down with a Sidewinder missile. The pilot ejected and swam ashore.

Using Sidewinder, Flt Lt Penfold RAF, an exchange officer with 800NAS shot down a Dagger A of FAA Grupo 6 over East Falkland. Its pilot, Lt Ardiles (cousin of the Footballer Osvaldo Ardiles) was killed.


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