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"Junglie"...a novel by Harry Benson

Published: 09 Apr 2018

Harry Benson is the best-selling author of "SCRAM! The gripping first-hand account of the helicopter war in the Falklands".

Aged just 21, he was one of the youngest pilots to serve in the Falklands war, flying a Wessex 5 helicopter of 847 squadron. ‘Junglie’ is his first novel, available in paperback and e-book, about a Sea King 4 pilot. Most of the action takes place in the UK and Somalia.

Harry is now Research Director of Marriage Foundation, author of several books on marriage and relationships, and is regularly quoted in the media.

‘JUNGLIE’ Hi. My name is Jim Yorke. I'm a Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy and have just earned my 'wings' as a trainee helicopter pilot. When I finish training, I hope to join a front line commando squadron as a 'junglie', the name given to aircrew back in the days of jungle warfare in Borneo. Right now the front line seems a very long way away. My training has just been put on hold. Defence cuts. Instead I've been posted to the ship HMS Leicester and a long tour of the Gulf. I'm not happy. I didn't sign up for months of boring anti-piracy patrol up and down the coast of Somalia. I signed up for adventure ...’

'Junglie' was previously published as 'Distinguished Service' which is now discontinued. Average reviews 4.6 stars out of 5. "It’s so good to read a book about modern warfare written by someone who actually knows what he is talking about."

Our young hero gets caught up in a frighteningly real scenario right at the start of the book which sets the scene for the later plot. None of it is far fetched and its exactly the sort of thing that could have happened at the height of the Somalian piracy era. It also shines a very strong light on why the modern navy needs an air arm.

I read it in two days flat and it seems to me that their is a little hook in the plot that should easily lead to a sequel....... Can't wait." "Enjoyed the author's "Scram" and here he has turned his knowledge towards a fiction. He sticks with what he knows, the Royal Navy "Junglies" - part of the Naval Air Squadron, a bunch of very brave and talented pilots."

"I found this after reading SCRAM which was a very good read with lots of helicopter action which was right up my street. This novel also has lots of helicopter action and enough aviation geeky stuff to give it more of a pilot's viewpoint than most action stories of recent years."

"A real page turner. I enjoyed every moment of this book. I only hope that this is the start of a series and not just a one off. "

Harry Benson's book is available here on Amazon.


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