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Fly Navy Historic Trust supporters at Yeovilton Air Day

Published: 20 Jul 2015

It was a lovely cool day of summer, with a breeze from the west as Fly Navy Historic Trust supporters gathered in their special enclosure at Yeovilton’s air day, conveniently marked by a Sea Fury FB11. A thousand to fifteen hundred feet cloud base , of initially broken but later almost eight eighths stratocumulus, made  a good background for viewing all aircraft, especially the display teams with coloured smoke

Before the main show there was a spirited display by a Seafire 17, followed by a brilliant low-level aerobatic display by Richard Goodwin in his highly modified Pitts S-2S. Horizontal and upward  spins, all traced out in coloured smoke, and a low level run in an almost vertical slide slip appealed to all spectators, but many would not have appreciated the inverted 360 degree level turns and bunts.

There followed the usual displays as advertised and the unusual Augusta Westland AW609 TiltRotor also made an appearance. The company held an open day that day.

FNHT supplied an excellent hog roast lunch and supplied drinks at suggested very reasonable prices or more, if one wished to donate. A fiver per drink was a good way to contribute to the Trust. The only historic aviator I knew was Dickie Bates with his wife Annie but I snapped a few other ancient aviators and those who kept our historic cabs flying and still do. It would be nice if more members who are FNHT supporters gathered here each July.

Oggie Swanson


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