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A first graduation of the combined FAA and AAC students -  receiving their degrees at the Barbican L
A first graduation of the combined FAA and AAC students -  receiving their degrees at the Barbican L
Dr Cdr Ivor Milne MBE

Dr Cdr Ivor Milne MBE conferred as a ‘Doctor of the University’

Published: 20 Jan 2015

Written by Dr Cdr Ivor Milne MBE

(By Dr Cdr Ivor Milne MBE)


It seems odd to say it, but it is now confirmed that I have retired (for the final time!).  Having joined in 1961 as an ERA volunteered for aircrew and then managed to get drafted to submarines, I finally became an observer in 1970. Life in uniform included Chief of the watch HMS Hermes, ‘B’ engine room, aged 21yrs (CO(acting) was Cdr Fieldhouse) SOBs 810 and CO 819 and all ended 37 years later in the Main Building as a commander, in 1997.  This was followed by becoming a ‘damn civvy’ (RO) based in Culdrose, involved with the design and assessment of flying training documentation and teaching instructors the delights of how to teach in the classroom.  Having spent a career doing all sorts of courses ranging from marine and nuclear engineering through to observer course it was always a disappointment that such studies, with a huge amount of practical application, did not attract any civilian academic credit.  Hence the idea of turning the FAA into a higher education institution (The FAA Military Aviation Academy), do NB  the AAC who have very recently ‘joined’ the academy in the graduation student and staff phot .  In partnership with the OU, aircrew gaining wings now get a degree in ‘Military Aviation Studies’.  The fall out being the attached picture showing me cross-dressing having been conferred as a ‘Doctor of the University’.  Alongside are wife Sara and Martin Bean, the Vice Chancellor of the OU. The amazing event took place at a degree conferment ceremony in the Barbican, London. Notably the first such award made to a military officer by the OU happily making it a FAA first too!  


The FAA / AAC group shot includes a number of graduating aircrew and senior officers who attended the ceremony.


 Sara and I have a son Lt Cdr Andre Milne who carries on the aircrew linage as a junglie pilot latterly on 845 Squadron but now in JHC flying a desk.


 As for my Ivor retirement, the intention is to use the caravan and boat much more and hold up traffic on land and sea!  That’s in between regular performance reviews from Sara!


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