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Arctic Cold Weather Survival Training

Published: 02 Mar 2024
Operation Clockwork's annual environmental training is continuing at pace at their site on the Royal Norwegian Air Force base at Bardufoss, Norway; 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle.
Amongst the wide-ranging training output available, the Clockwork team has delivered flying training, ice and snow driving for wheeled and tracked vehicles and cold weather survival training.
Operation Clockwork is delivered by the Commando Helicopter Force on behalf of Joint Helicopter Command.
Clockwork would not be possible without vital input from CHF's Chefs and Medical Staff, the Aviation Combat Service Support Squadron, Engineers, Aircraft Handlers, Safety Equipment specialists, Administrators, Royal Navy Police and the Commando Mobile Air Operations Team.
The images below of the recent cold weather survival courses show those participating experiencing a range of activities undertaken at temperatures that get as low as -30 degrees.


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