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The Fleet Air Arm and the Battle of the Atlantic


The Fleet Air Arm and the Battle of the Atlantic
a lecture by Dr Malcolm Llewellyn-Jones

on Thursday 18th July at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

6.00pm for 6.30pm

Tickets can be purchased online, or from the Museum Ticket Box, located in the Museum Shop during normal Museum opening hours.

Tickets at £25.00 include the lecture with question & answer session, an opportunity to view the Historic Flight's iconic Swordfish aircraft and finger buffet and refreshments.

This talk will explore the crucial role played by the Fleet Air Arm in the Battle of the Atlantic. In May 1942, the Admiralty commented '...that with adequate and efficient air escort', the U-boat '..."wolf-pack" attack on a convoy should be impossible'.  But the contribution of the FAA to the Battle of the Atlantic extended beyond its contribution to the defeat of the U-boat threat. It was also instrumental in combatting the enemy's surface ship and the aircraft atacks on Allied merchant shipping. This talk will address these aspects by surveying a number of historical episodes:

  • The Sinking of the Bismarck, HM Ships Victorious and Ark Royal
  • Defeating the Focke Wulf: The Bay of Biscay, Liberators and SL 89, Audacity and HG 84
  • The next Escort Carrier: Archer, the Central Atlantic and Operation "Vigorous"
  • Diversion to the Arctic Run: Avenger and PQ 18
  • Another Diversion: Operation "Torch"
  • Closing the Atlantic Air Gap: Liberators, Biter and Avenger, Swordfish and Avengers, Rockets and Mark 24 Mines
  • Back to the Arctic: Operations "Tungsten" and "Judgment"

BUY TICKETS HERE or for further information telephone 01935 842617.


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