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Harry Benson (left) Howard Leedham (right) holding each other’s book

Two Junglies who can write!

Published: 23 Jan 2013

Thirty years after serving together as young Wessex V helicopter pilots on 845 Naval Air Squadron, fellow “junglies” Howard Leedham and Harry Benson exchanged copies of their books in London.

Both pilots served together at Yeovilton in 1983 although log books record that they never actually flew with one another. Leedham went on to serve with special forces whereas Benson became a Wasp helicopter flight commander.

Howard Leedham’s book “Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission” (Bene Factum, 2012) tells of his subsequent adventure setting up anti-terrorist helicopter operations in Pakistan on behalf of the US State Department.

“The hitherto unknown story that Howard Leedham has to tell could have come from the Northwest Frontier of Rudyard Kipling's time … Kipling would have loved them.” from the foreword by Frederick Forsyth“

"This true account reads like adventure fiction - All you have to do is manipulate someone into buying you this book. You will not regret it.” FAAOA. Read full FAAOA review

Harry Benson’s book “Scram!” (Preface, 2012) tells the story of the Falklands war through the eyes of the many junglie aircrew he interviewed, including his own experience as a newly qualified 21 year old pilot.

“Harry Benson’s book is immensely readable as a lucid, exciting account of the entire Falklands conflict, and valuable too, as written by a combatant, not a historian”. Daily Mail

“Opening with details of a failed aerial insertion, this helicopter pilot’s account of the Falklands war is difficult to put down“. Soldier magazine

To their (limited and fallible) knowledge, only three other junglie pilots have published books

Jim Newton (“Armed Action”, Headline, 2007)Richard Hutchings (“Special Forces Pilot”, Pen & Sword, 2008)John Beattie (“Fly Navy: The View from a ‘Jungly’ Cockpit”, RNHF, 2009)


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