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The History of the Royal Navy with Admiral Lord West in 15 Episodes

Published: 02 Jun 2014

Britain at Sea: The History of the Royal Navy with Admiral Lord West in 15 Episodes broadcast at 13:45 on weekdays for 3 weeks.

BBC Radio 4 - 13:45 Monday 02 June
Episode 1 – New Century

Admiral Lord West tells the story of the Royal Navy during the twentieth century, when through political, social, technological and economic turmoil, the Navy's fortunes mirrored those of Britain. 

Lord West begins this first episode of this 15-part series on the beaches of northern France, introducing the series through the greatest amphibious assault in history - D-Day, a turning point in naval warfare.

From there, he goes back in history to discuss 'navalism' at the start of the twentieth century. 

The Navy in the decade before the First World War was vast, a truly globalised organisation, defending British interests around the world. At home it was the bulwark against invasion and had such a powerful hold on the British imagination that images of sailors - of Jack Tar - sold everything from cigarettes to postcards.


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