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Stop smoking at Culdrose

Published: 18 Mar 2013

Most smokers would really like to stop, but find it hard to do so. At, Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, HMS Seahawk inCornwallmedical staff are encouraging smokers to “Swap Their Fags for Swag!” 

Everybody has their own personal reason for wanting to give up smoking. Some people give up as part of a larger lifestyle change, to feel healthier or to get fit for example. 

But this year smokers are also being encouraged to 'Swap Their Fags for Swag', and consider what they could afford to buy if they were to quit for a day. This would amount to over £7 a day, £49 a week, £210 a month and £2,555 a year. This could even add up to the price of a fairly decent holiday! 

The medical dangers of smoking include an increased risk of cancer anywhere within the body, High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction along with an increased risk of a stroke. And if that doesn’t make you think breathing problems, bad breath, yellow fingers and gum disease are all linked to smoking. 

Whatever the reason, the “Smoking Cessation Advisor”, at RNAS Culdrose Medical Assistant Morwenna Nichols has a wealth of information and advice as well as tips and tricks about how you can give up smoking for good. This year’s No Smoking campaign and has a number of successful quitters within in the base. 

Morwenna said, “The Royal Navy encourages a very healthy lifestyle. We live close together at Sea and on Operations where it’s important to stay fit and in good health. Everyone is welcome to the Sickbay at RNAS Culdrose where there’s advice, help and they can 'SWAP THEIR FAGS FOR SWAG!'” 

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