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South Atlantic Medal

South Atlantic Medal

Published: 24 Sep 2014

The medal with distinguishing rosette was awarded for 1 days’ service in the Falkland Islands or their dependencies or in the South Atlantic, south of 35° South and north of 60° South, or for 1 operational sortie south of Ascension Island, between 2 April and 14 June 1982.

Following The Sir John Holmes Independent Medal Review the qualifying period for the award of the South Atlantic Medal without the Rosette will be extended from 12 July to 21 October 1982, when the airfield at Mount Pleasant was completed. Applications for the South Atlantic Medal, under the new time extension, will be accepted from 1 October 2014 onwards. The awards will begin to be despatched towards the end of that month. Applications will be dealt with in date order.

Full details are laid out in DCI JS: RN J 496/82, Army J 274/82 and RAF J 218/82.

Veterens should visit the site for details of how to claim.


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