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SCRAM audiobook now available on Audible

Published: 13 Apr 2022

From Harry Benson:


My fellow junglies
  • It is with great pleasure I am writing to let you know the brand new audiobook version of SCRAM is finally out, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Falklands war. The print version came out ten years ago. 
  • SCRAM is the first-hand story of the junglies in the Falklands. Most of us were in our 20s and the youngest of us were just 21. It's a cracking good listen if I may say so!
  • My actor son Johnnie Benson is the narrator and we co-edited it together. He's now the same age as I was when I walked through the doors of BRNC. I think his young voice brings a freshness to the story and I've loved listening to him. I hope very much you'll enjoy it too.
  • SCRAM is available on Audible (one credit or you can listen free on their 30 day trial) and Amazon. Audible reviews would be especially welcome to get some momentum.
  • Follow the links and listen to the 2 minute sample.
  • I look forward to seeing old friends and new at the junglie dinner on 28th April.
Yours aye, Harry
Five star review for SCRAM: "I know because I was there too..."
Nobody talks. That’s why this book is so very good. Because it tells the story that got forgotten. No silly heroics, no ridiculous claims, just a bunch of pretty ordinary blokes doing their jobs in extraordinary conditions. This book is living proof that training and professionalism can beat the odds. Again and again. It’s well written, and while it’s quite factual it’s an easy read. It never drags and it conveys the atmosphere and grim reality of warfare well. Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to understand rather than simply read the facts. 
In April 1982 Harry Benson was a 21 year-old Royal Navy commando helicopter pilot, fresh out of training and one of the youngest helicopter pilots to serve in the Falklands War. These pilots, nicknamed ‘junglies’, flew most of the land-based missions in the Falklands in their Sea King and Wessex helicopters. Much of what happened in the war – the politics, task force ships, Sea Harriers, landings, Paras and Marines – is well-known and documented. But almost nothing is known of the young commando helicopter pilots and aircrewmen who made it all happen on land and sea. This is their ‘Boys Own’ story, told for the very first time.


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