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RNAS Culdrose Service of Remembrance

Published: 05 Aug 2014

RNAS Culdrose participated in the nationwide anniversary of the start of World War One with a dignified service of remembrance. 

The service was conducted by Reverends Alastair Mansfield RN and Tim Wilkinson RN, and attended by the Captain, officers and staff of RNAS Culdrose. 

Reverend Mansfield, referring to the national lighting of candles as an act of remembrance explained that the act of lighting a candle was not simply a message of hope. He said: 

 “Yes it is intended to generate hope, but equally in order to have any potency it must fully acknowledge the darkness. The Lights Out event recalls the remark famously made by the then Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey that ‘the lights are going out all overEurope.’ “ 

The service included sounding the last post and a period of two minutes silence. After a reading by the Captain, Reverend Mansfield went on to explain some of the historical context behind Sir Edward Grey’s remarks, including the pressure he was under from others in authority to go to war, with the horrific consequences that ensued. 

He concluded by saying: “At this hundred year point, and indeed on many occasions of remembrance there is talk of lessons learned. Perhaps the most sobering lesson is that we frequently do not understand what the consequences of our actions will be. This will weigh heavily on the shoulders of all in positions of leadership and authority, and so it should.”


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