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Rear Admiral Richard 'Fidgety Phil' Phillimore
Rear Admiral Richard 'Fidgety Phil' Phillimore

On this day 6 January 1918

Published: 06 Jan 2015

On this day 6 January 1918 First Flag Officer for Aircraft

Rear Admiral Richard Fortescue Phillimore CB MVO was appointed Admiral Commanding Aircraft. He was appointed in command of Seaplane Carriers and to undertake the administrative control of all aircraft working with the Fleet. The Flagship of Rear Admiral (A) was HMS Furious.

In the Admiralty's letter (19 November 1917) to Sir David Beatty, CinC Grand Fleet, informing him of their decision about Phillimore, The Admiralty said that on the demise of the RN Air Service (which had been decided by the War Cabinet on 24 August 1917 and came into effect 1 April 1918) the air units of the fleet would become known a 'Air Force Contingents'.

Watercolour of R Adm Phillimore copyright IWM (Art 1767) used under non-commercial licence.


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