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HMS Campania sinks copyright FAAM
HMS Campania sinking

On this day 5 November 1918

Published: 05 Nov 2014

On this day 5 November 1918 HMS Campania sunk in collision with Royal Oak and Glorious in Forth

On the morning of 5 November 1918, HMS Campania was lying at anchor off Burnt Island in the Firth of Forth. A sudden Force 10 squall caused the ship to drag anchor. She collided first with the bow of the nearby battleship Royal Oak, and then scraped along the side of the battle cruiser Glorious. Campania's hull was breached by the initial collision with Royal Oak, flooding her engine room and shutting off all main electrical power. The ship then started to settle by the stern, and sank some five hours after breaking free. The ship's crew were all rescued by neighbouring vessels.

In 1915, HMS Campania had been converted to carry seaplanes and had been involved in early experimental take-offs from its deck.


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