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HMS Indomitable 1942
HMS Illustrious 1942

On this day 5 May 1942

Published: 05 May 2014

On this day 5 May 1942

Operation IRONCLAD, in support of landing forces in Madagascar 5 - 7 May 1942.

FAA Battle Honour - Diego Suarez

Operation Ironclad and executed by Force 121 comprising allied naval, land and air forces commanded by Major-General Robert Sturges of the Royal Marines. The British Army landing force comprised 29th Independent Infantry Brigade Group, No 5 (Army) Commando and two brigades of the 5th Infantry Division, the latter en-route to India with the remainder of their division. The Allied naval contingent consisted of over 50 vessels, drawn from Force H, the British Home Fleet and the British Eastern Fleet, commanded by Rear Admiral Edward Neville Syfret. The fleet included HMS Illustrious, her sister ship HMS Indomitable with their embarked squadrons. Air attack and cover was provided by Fairey Albacores, Grumman Martlets and Fairey Swordfish. A Swordfish from Illustrious torpedoed French Armed merchantman Bougainville and sank submarine in Diego Suarez harbour. 

FAA Squadrons: 800, 806, 810, 827, 829, 831, 880, 881, 882


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