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Italian ship Vittorio Veneto damaged by Fleet Air Arm torpedos

On this day 28 March 1941

Published: 29 Mar 2014

The Battle of Cape Matapan was a World War II naval battle fought from March 28 to March 29, 1941. The cape is on the southwest coast of Greece's Peloponnesian peninsula. A force of British Royal Navy ships accompanied by several Royal Australian Navy ships, under command of British Admiral Andrew Cunningham, intercepted and sank or severely damaged six ships of the Italian Regia Marina.

Three air strikes were made by Fleet Air Arm Fairey Albacore and Swordfish bombers during the battle contributing to the sinking of a heavy cruiser and two destroyers as well as inflicting damage to the battle ship Vittorio Veneto.

After the defeat at Cape Matapan, the Italian fleet never again ventured into the Eastern Mediterranean. Hence, Cape Matapan was an important strategic victory for the Allies who could now crucially critically redeploy vital resources.

Battle Honour for FAA Squadrons: 700803806815826829


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