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On this day 19 October 2010

Published: 19 Oct 2014

On this day 19 October 2010 The government announced the results of its Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Harrier Force scrapped. Ark Royal decommissioned. Regarding the two Queen Elizabeth Class carriers in build, one carrier was certain to be commissioned and would have catapult and arrestor gear (CATOBAR) installed to accommodate the carrier variant of the Joint Strike Fighter rather than the short-take off and vertical-landing version; the fate of the other carrier was left undecided.

Two months later, a Harrier GR9 made its last ever flight from a Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal on 24 November 2010.

On 11 March 2011 HMS Ark Royal was decommissioned in Portsmouth after 25 years' service.

17 months after the review, 10 May 2012, the government changed its mind and reverted to the STOVL F-35B and HMS Queen Elizabeth with ski-jump ramp.


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