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Whirlwind helicopter of 846 Squadron Borneo
Wessex winching Royal Marine in Borneo

On this day 14 December 1962

Published: 14 Dec 2012

HMS Albion with elements of 845 (12 x Wessex) and 846 (8 x Whirlwind) embarked, transported 40 Commando Royal Marines to Borneo arriving 14 December 1962. 40 Cdo was flown ashore at Kuching. The conflict in Borneo had arisen over conflicting claims to territory on the island eventually resulting in its division into Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia and a peace treaty signed on 11 August 1966.

In addition to 845 and 846, detachments of 848 Naval Air Squadron (Wessex) were later involved plus 849 NAS Fairey Gannet AEW.

HMS Albion stayed on station off Borneo. She later relieved by HMS Bulwark. 42 Cdo were also later deployed.


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