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1 July 2013
Lifting aft island into place 27 June 2013
Lifting aft island into place 27 June 2013
Aft island in place

Latest images of QE carrier

Published: 17 Jul 2013

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance has revealed new aerial images of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the aircraft carrier currently being assembled at Babcock’s Rosyth Dockyard.

The images show the ship almost completely assembled, with both ‘islands’ in place. All that remains to be fitted to the ship are two sponsons – flightdeck extensions – and the ramp or ‘ski-jump’ that gives aircraft an extra boost on take-off. When complete and fully fitted out HMS Queen Elizabeth will weigh in at 65,000tonnes.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the first of two new aircraft carriers being delivered to the Royal Navy by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance. HMS Prince of Wales is currently under constructions at shipyards across the UK.

You tube video of Aft Island lift


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