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Lynx Mk 8 Helicopters
L-R – the John Family, Jo, Callum (8), Mia and CPO Lee John returned from HMS Iron Duke
The Carroll Family L-R - LAET Dan Carroll, wife Sarah and Baby Reuben (2 months)
Daisy Gledhill (11 months), Jenn Gledhill and LAET Steve Gledhill
Sarah Carroll and Baby Reuben, Sarah Simons and Baby Beau
The Simons Family L-R – Darcy (11), CPO James Simons, Sarah Simons and Baby Beau (5 months)


Published: 22 Dec 2014

LYNX Helicopters flew home today to Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton and were reunited with family members after 7 month deployed.


Within an hour of each other 207 Flight and 211 Flight returned to 815 Naval Air Squadron in time for the Christmas festivities to begin, well deserved having been away since this June! During this time two babies have been born to personnel on 211 Flight, HMS Argyll.


Flight 211 was part of Royal Navy’s drug busting warship HMS Argyll .The frigate spent nine weeks of her six month deployment ensuring a less than lucrative festive season forCaribbeandrug smugglers - seizing nearly 1900 kilos – and £77m - of cocaine during a series of high octane operations.

The Lynx flight is now home after the latest takedown where a boat carrying 215 kilos of cocaine was forced to halt after its engines were shot out by two Royal Marine snipers – allowing specialist drugs teams to board.

The snipers took aim from the onboard Lynx helicopter after the boat refused to stop and attempted to outrun the aircraft – which has a top speed of 120 knots – disabling all three engines in seconds. The smugglers they tried to jettison all the bales over the side but were stopped by the ship’s own sea boats carrying the US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) to detain the two men.

While away there have been 2 new arrivals for members of 211 Flight, Reuben Carroll (2 months) son of Leading Air Engineering Technician (LAET) Dan Carroll and Beau Simons (5 months) daughter Chief Petty Officer (CPO) and Senior Maintenance Rating (SMR) James Simons.


Mrs Sarah Carroll said; “Dan came home a week before Reuben was born and Reuben arrived in true military style on his due date for his Daddy before rejoining 211 Flight. It has been really hard but my parents and Dan’s parents have been there for me.”


CPO James Simons said;


“It’s been a really fulfilling deployment and it will be a really really good Christmas.”


His wife, Sarah Simons added;


 “We are very proud of him and have been following online with the Navy News site and the television. It’s been quite easy to keep in touch but there’s nothing like having him home for Christmas.”


207 Flight returned from HMS Iron Duke. They have been away for over 6 months carrying out Atlantic Patrol Tasking (South) providing security at sea. Working with International Partners the Royal Navy plays a crucial role in fostering these international alliances to protect the seaways making sure global trade for both theUKand the world can proceed without a hitch.


Eagerly awaiting 207 Flight and the return of her Daddy was 11 month old Daisy Gledhill daughter of Leading Aircraft Engineering Technician (LAET) Steve Gledhill, dressed up for Daddy with festive fairy wings.


LAET Steve Gledhill said;


“It’s fantastic to be back, Daisy has changed so much. I’m really looking forward to Christmas with my family.”


Jen Gledhill Steve’s wife said;


“It’s been really emotional with lots of highs and lows and with a Baby you have to keep on going. Six months is a long time and we’ve a lot of catching up to do, it’s going to be a great Christmas I’m just so happy!”


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