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Development of helicopter support during the Malayan Emergency

Published: 12 Feb 2017

Stuart Wakefield is in the preliminary stages of developing a post-graduate dissertation with the working title :  


'The development of helicopter support in jungle warfare during the Malayan Emergency'. 


I have undertaken an overview of available literature, and have begun to research the RAF Casualty Evacuation Flight, which was formed in 1950 and subsequently reformed to become 194 Squadron in 1953, plus the disembarked 848 Squadron which built itself a reputation from 1952 to 1956 for being at the forefront of jungle support operations. I recently visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum for a preliminary review the available 848 Squadron records, and now wish to gain a broad view of the experiences of those involved. The current threads being considered include helicopter flight training, personal equipment provided and preparation for disembarked operations in the jungle, and it is highly likely that various other threads will emerge that have yet to be considered.


The anticipated time frame for the project is three years, and, at this time, I wish to make contact with anybody who can provide me with detail of their experiences during the Emergency. Whilst I shall be happy to telephone any member in the UK to further discuss my requirements, I shall be quite content to contact via 'e' mail if that is preferred. Members should also understand that any information provided may be included in my eventual dissertation, albeit that all such contributions will be formally acknowledged.


Tel: 01722 500621

Email: [email protected]


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