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Queen Elizabeth 1 May 2013
Queen Elizabeth 1 May 2013
Queen Elizabeth 1 May 2013
29 March aerial view
20 Mar 13 Final hull section
29 March view from the dockside

Queen Elizabeth Carrier update Spring 2013

Published: 18 Apr 2013

On Wednesday March 20 teams at the ACA lifted the heaviest section yet. In a four and a half hour operation the section, weighing more than 900 tonnes, was gently moved into place, revealing the full length of HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time.

Two pictures show the view of Queen Elizabeth from the dockside and an aerial view on Good Friday 29 March 2013. Four aerial shots on 1 May.

You can see a BFBS interview and tour of the ship here.

You can see a timelapse film of the Forward Bridge being lifted into position here.

You can see a computer simulation of the Queen Elizabeth in action here.

The latest issue of Carrier Waves (Spring 2013) is downloadbale below.


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