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Installation of QE port shaft 27 January 2014
Part of POW bows waiting at Rosythe beside QE
QE Class bulbous bows ready for assembly mar 2012
POW blocks under construction

Carrier update January

Published: 28 Jan 2014

Carrier update January 2014

A new team, to further streamline and economize the vast supply chain, has been assembled. Details are in weekly communication 270114 – downloadable below.

Queen Elizabeth

Aft aircraft lift guide rails are being fitted with an aim date of February 14 for the lift.

Rolls Royce have completed Port and Starboard Line of Sight and are now ready for the start of shaft installation. The first sections of shaft arrived in Rosyth on Thursday 24th January with the lift taking place on Sunday 26th January. The installation process is pictured, taken 27 January 2014.

The vast quantities of cable and pipework are still being installed to integrate the separately built sections. Compartment handovers are still on schedule.

Senior members of USN & USMC visited in January. Like the UK, USMC is also buying the F-35B variant to operate from assault ships and carriers.

Prince of Wales

Many aspects of the build are ahead of schedule. Prefabricated cabins are being installed into finished sections. But it will be some time yet before POW takes recognisable shape; Queen Elizabeth must first be floated out to free up the vast dry dock at Rosythe required for assembly.

POW Blocks in construction

CB03 – Tyne

CB02 – Merseyside & Portsmouth

CB04 – Merseyside (just begun)

LB02 – Portsmouth

LB03 & LB04 – Govan

Pictured is Part of LB01 alongside Queen Elizabeth at Rosythe. It will sit above the completed bulbous bow section (built back in 2012 and shown alongside QE’s bow) when assembly begins in the vacated dock. Both part were built by Babcock at Appledore, Devon in 2012.


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