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CGI view of hangar in QE carriers
Two Type 23 frigates in QE hangar. Graphic artist Andy Brady
QE comms mast
Prince of Wales bow

Carrier update April

Published: 30 Apr 2014

The lower section of the pole mast for Queen Elizabeth arrived at Rosyth on Tuesday 18 March 2014 following a journey from Cowes, and was lifted into position on top of the Aft Island by the Goliath crane, linked with its below decks hydraulic equipment it successfully operated on its hinge lowering the mast.  This phase of work has successfully demonstrated that the mast is able to lower to a near horizontal position at the push of a button, allowing the ship to pass under the Firth of Forth bridge unobstructed.

Daily Telegraph article dated 26 March 2014 has an interactive graphic representation of the Queen Elizabeth carrier and an onward link to a similar graphic for the F-35B.

Below is a downloadable pdf file of the article Rear Admiral Chris Parry has written for the RUSI journal entitled The United Kingdom's future carriers, what are they good for? (Originally written December 2012)

Two sections of the bow for the Prince of Wales carrier have been fitted together and await space in the dock to be vacated by HMS Queen Elizabeth on 4 July 2014. The weekly updates from the Carrier Alliance for April are downloadable below and contain more detail of the finished sections of both carriers.

Video of Behind the Scenes tour with British Forces News

Carrier Alliance You Tube channel


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