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Carrier Alliance October update

Published: 29 Oct 2013

October 2013 update

HMS Queen Elizabeth – Ship One

HMS Queen Elizabeth is approaching full assembly. Over the last few weeks sponsons 11 and 12 were lifted, installation of the ramp passed the halfway mark and the mast cap was fitted on top of the forward island.

Sponsons 11 and 12 are located at the aft end of the ship, 11 is on the starboard side and 12 on the port side. These major lifts went right to plan.

After these final sponsons two more sections of ramp were lifted into place and it’s clear that, once complete, it’ll add a significant dimension to the profile of the ship.

The mast cap that accommodates the Long Range Radar (LRR), was also lifted into place recently. The mast cap was built in Rosyth and travelled to Hengelo to be outfitted with the sensitive equipment the radar requires. The mast cap is now prepared both electrically and structurally for the addition of the LRR.

With the last sections being erected over the coming months, attention is now turning to the outfit of the ship internally, in preparation for her being brought out of the dock next summer.

HMS Prince of Wales – Ship Two

HMS Prince of Wales has also achieved many significant milestones. The lower blocks are under construction in various yards around the UK and making good progress.

LB02 underwent its final link up when ring C joined rings D, E, F and G which form the rest of the block and will be consolidated over the coming weeks. The fourth and final propulsion motor was installed in LB04; it is now awaiting the arrival of the diesel generators which are due in November.

With HMS Prince of Wales’ mast cap currently undergoing testing and preparation for its inspection at the end of the month, there is a good symmetry that outlines the two very different stages the ships are at. While HMS Queen Elizabeth’s mast cap rests atop the forward island, HMS Prince of Wales’ mast cap rests in the factory; a brief reminder of the tasks that lie ahead.

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