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Lynx reconnaissance provides information to the emergency services
The ship's company arrived to provide assistance to the emergency services
HMS Argyll

Argyll's Lynx helps assess hurricane damage

Published: 20 Oct 2014

HMS Argyll helped Bermuda recover from Hurricane Gonzalo by working with the Bermuda authorities to get key infrastructure working again.

Approximately eighty sailors worked together with soldiers of the Bermuda Regiment to get Bermuda “open for business”.

Crucially the combined forces worked tirelessly to help clear Bermuda’s airport which allowed this vital transport link to re-open yesterday evening.

HMS Argyll’s Commanding Officer, Commander Paul Hammond, said: “I have travelled throughout Bermuda today and it is clear that the territory has weathered the hurricane’s winds well but there was still plenty to do to help restore normality."

He added  ”I have sent my sailors ashore in coordination with the Bermuda government and they are working extremely hard to help the community by opening up road and air transport links.”

The sailors from HMS Argyll, in conjunction with the Bermuda Regiment soldiers focussed most of their effort on the airport and roads.

However there were specialist teams from the ship out providing support to those in need.

An engineering team helped investigate and restore defective machinery such as pumps and a team trained to work safely at height helped protect property by fixing tarpaulins over roofs damaged by the hurricane.

Chief Petty Officer Engineering Technician Simon Howlett said, “I helped clear the roads to allow Bermuda to get back to normal after the hurricane.”

He added, “Our ship is deployed to the region to help in case of a disaster and I think our presence in Bermuda and the assistance we have given shows our dedication to this role.”

HMS Argyll arrived in Bermuda as soon after Hurricane Gonzalo had passed across the territory as was safe.

She immediately launched her Lynx helicopter and conducted an aerial reconnaissance that has proved extremely useful to the Bermuda authorities in assessing damage and allocating resources. 

She will continue to work with the Bermuda government and the Bermuda Regiment to clear and rectify hurricane damage over the coming days.

HMS Argyll has deployed to the region to provide reassurance and humanitarian aid and disaster relief support to the UK’s British Overseas Territories and other islands during the hurricane season.

HMS Argyll will also conduct counter narcotics patrols in conjunction with the US Coast Guard to enhance regional security and deter illicit activity.


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