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Aircraft Handlers Association stone at the FAA Memorial
RNR AB Reservists at the National Memorial Arboretum
LA Andy Ransom, Cdr Iain Cameron, WO Geoff Kendall,  PO Sammy Hardaker, CPO Pete Young and CPO Soups
The FAA Memorial


Published: 29 Oct 2016

Six members of the Royal Naval Reserve Air Branch took the opportunity recently to lay a wreath on the Fleet Air Arm Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.


Representing over 200 years of service between them in the Royal Navy and Maritime Reserves the six took time out from attending their Warrant Officers and Ratings Conference at near-by RAF Cosford. During their short visit to the Arboretum site they were able to see the growth of the dedicated gardens, laid out to the fallen of the nation.


The Fleet Arm Air memorial Aircraft Carrier is a fitting monument to those of the FAA who have fallen,” said WO 1 Geoff Kendall, Warrant Officer of the Air Branch. “It was an impulsive decision to lay the wreath, but we all thought it was important and an honour to remember some of our comrades.”


Attending the visit was Commander Neil Cameron RNR, WO 1 Geoff Kendall RNR, CPOA(AH) John ‘Soups’ Campbell, CPO AEA(M) Pete Young, POA (AH) Sammy Hardaker and LA (AH) Andy Ransom.


The Fleet Air Arm Memorial was dedicated on 11 September 2009 in the presence of Rear Admiral Simon Charlier, Chief of Staff Aviation and Carriers at the time. The memorial was enhanced in 2012 by the addition of a Portland stone surround. It consists of a raised line of stones which FAA squadrons, associations, Royal Naval Air Stations and ships have engraved with crests and wording. 


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