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800 NAS SCC Just Giving Page

Published: 12 Dec 2016

From Andy Barnwell of 800 Naval Air Squadron Sea Cadet Corps...

Just over 3 weeks ago the Sea Cadets of 800 Naval Air Squadron Sea Cadet Corps, based in Kettering Northamptonshire, heard some devastating news...the boat shed at Wicksteed Park where we keep all of our sailing kit was burnt to the ground and we lost all of it. Whilst the majority of our boats are ok we lost, our sails, oars, outboard motors, keels, buoyancy aids, radios, sailing clothing, wind surfers and crucially of safety boat with its outboard and kit an more...


For those who don't know we formally adopted 800 NAS from the FAA after it was decommissioned when the Sea Harrier Fleet went a few years back...we very proudly use the name and have fantastic links with the RN and, of course, with the FAA. Rear Admiral Keith Blount and Cdre Jock Alexander were only up visiting in September and ironically, Adm Keith went afloat in many of the boats we had.

From their Just Giving page...

Our 55 plus Sea Cadets were absolutely devastated to receive the news that a fire had destroyed the boat shed along with all its contents.
Although some of the content will be covered by insurances there are items that will not be and we have two substantial £1,000 ‘excess’ fees to pay when we claim on our insurances. There will also be an urgent need to provide alternative storage facilities once replacement equipment has been acquired.
The Wicksteed Park boating station was an historic part of the park and Oliver Wicksteed kindly permitted us to use part of it to store the majority of our Sea Cadet sailing equipment. All of this equipment is an instrumental part of the Sea Cadet journey, with the Cadets spending many summer evenings on the lake learning new skills of sailing, rowing and windsurfing.
As you can imagine all of our Cadets, Staff and parents are devastated at the loss. The Cadets get so much out of being on the water and have many memories of great times. This is huge shock to our unit.
We will do everything we can to replace the equipment lost in this tragic fire and with the help provided by your kind donations hopefully be in a position to start all of our boating activities by the 1st April next year. It will be a huge challenge but we are very confident that we can achieve it with your support.

Thank you very much indeed. . .every penny is hugely appreciated.
800 Naval Air Squadron Kettering Sea Cadets.


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