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Yeovilton Air Day 2014

RNAS Yeovilton

This year's theme is carrier aviation.

100 years on from WW1's start, in company with the Great War Display Team's other replicas, the Sopwith Triplane will take Air Day's visitors back to where Carrier Aviation really began. Come WW2's advent, sleek and speedy monoplane fighters had largely replaced the biplane generation but, with its heroic attacks on the German battleshipBismarckand the Italian fleet atTarantoHarbour, the Fairey Swordfish proved an exception. Part of the locally-based Royal Navy Historic Flight's fleet, the Swordfish will participate in the show, joined by the Flight’s Hawker Sea Fury and a Supermarine Seafire - just one of the D-Day anniversary themed aircraft involved this year.

Post WW2 jet fighter technology thrust the Royal Navy into a new era of capability, power and purpose. The world's only airworthy de Havilland Sea Vixen fleet air defence fighter; the biggest and heaviest British designed aircraft to have operated from aircraft carriers will be a flying display highlight.  Static examples of the mighty Phantom and the game changing Sea Harrier bring the Royal Navy's fixed-wing Carrier Aviation story to its last updated point. 

The F/A-18C Hornet, extensively used by the US Navy for carrier operations but presented by the Swiss Air Force at Air Day, will put on a powerful display of speed and agility. The French Navy's very welcome involvement brings two state of the art Rafale M multirole combat aircraft for static display in their only UK airshow appearance in 2014 so far confirmed.  As ever, based assets will participate en masse with the Lynx Maritime Demo and the traditional show-closing Commando Assault showcasing present day Royal Navy operational tactics. Finally, the Royal Navy Black Cats' newly-revised display sequence, with its Wildcat HM2 element, will offer a taste of Carrier Aviation yet to come.

Tickets for Air Day can be booked online at at the discounted advance rates or by calling 08445 781 781. 

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You Tube video of 2013 Yeovilton Air Day highlights


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