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Alan Bristow Memorial Lecture 2018 

No. 4 Hamilton Place

The Annual Rotorcraft Alan Bristow Memorial Lecture will be presented by Vice Admiral Sir Simon Lister KCB OBE FREng Managing Director, Aircraft Carrier Alliance.

The Queen Elizabeth Class carriers are a joint defence asset, designed to deliver air power and provide four acres of UK sovereign territory anywhere across the globe. With an expected service life of up to 50 years, the two highly versatile aircraft carriers will be able to meet the widest range of tasks.

As Managing Director of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, the organisation charged with delivering the most capable and powerful surface warships ever constructed in the UK, Vice Admiral Sir Simon Lister will discuss the history, current position and future of the Queen Elizabeth Class programme, taking a specific view of the aircraft/ship interface.

Simon’s background in the Royal Navy and his personal links with naval aviation will provide an insightful lecture on this critical defence capability – both the engineering feat and operational requirements behind it.

Simon will speak of the aviation considerations built into the ship through design, in build and through trials and reflect on the exciting future of this strategic national defence capability.

Registration is free and open to both members and non-members.

The lecture will be followed by a Networking Reception sponsored by BAE Systems.

About the lecture

The Alan Bristow Memorial Lecture is held annually to highlight the legacy of the man who founded the largest international helicopter group that continues to bear his name. Alan was a true pioneer, great innovator and fully supported progressive ideas for developing all aspects of aviation in particular, Rotorcraft. Bristow continues to operate in this spirit, leading the industry in innovations, many of which are now standard in today’s operating environment.


Extract from Simon Jones' email of introduction:

By way of introduction, I served in the FAA for 30 years, initially as an Aircraft Handler prior to transferring to the SUY Av Branch, leaving in 2012 as a Lt Cdr, having had an outstanding career, uniquely serving in all three CVS as FDO. I additionally worked in SAI and NCHQ developing initially other nations SAI such as MV22 Osprey and USMC AV8B. Latterly I worked in NCHQ with the Carrier Strike Team developing QEC CONOPS and had the great privilege of working with our US counterparts on the EMALS system (first UK serviceman to launch an FA18 and C2 Greyhound using  the EMALS system at Lakehurst) then serving for a time onboard IKE and Truman as a Shooter and FDO during T35 carrier quals and CQ deployment work up for Gulf Ops. I started my own company back in 2013 contracting to oil and gas operators assisting in developing their aviation safety systems (basically FOST of the oil and gas companies), and still doing it. I am a contractor to the CAA and support the HELP charity in conducting hospital helipad feasibility studies in support of their mission to have every trauma care centre in the UK access to a helipad for HEMS operations. I still dabble in military work as a RNR Air Branch Officer and recently was the MoD Project Manager for the HeliOps Seaking Mk5 return to service. I am scheduled to support FOST for the QE work up phase and F35 trails later this year.


I am a member of the RAeS and sit on the Rotorcraft Committee as the Offshore Representative, hence the subject of this email to you all.


Alan Bristow Memorial Lecture is an annual event, delivered at the RAeS, Hamilton Place, London.  As I am sure you all know, Alan Bristow was a pioneer in ship / air interface having been the first pilot to land a helicopter on a warship back in the day when it was literally a finger in the air, he was key in the development of helicopter capability from warships. He then went on to found Bristow Helicopters, without doubt one of the most successful commercial helicopter companies around today, they currently hold the contract for UK MCA SAR.


I have been tasked by the RAeS and Rotorcraft Committee to organise this year’s lecture and as a Fleet Air Arm man, I instantly migrated to HMS QNLZ and the Aircraft Carrier Alliance. What better subject than the process of build and subsequent path to aviation integration for the mighty QE Class ships. I wanted to bring to the fore the task and compare it to what and young Lt Alan Bristow RN did on the 4th of April 1945 (almost 74 years ago, amazing how we have progressed since then) when he landed an R4 on the A gun turret of HMS ANSON whilst underway in Scapa Flow, to the new order of ship / air interface challenges.


I have requested and he has accepted the challenge, this year’s presenter will be Admiral Sir Simon Lister CB RN, as the MD ACA, I thought he would be the ideal person to deliver this lecture and we usually get a good cross section of military and governmental representation at the event, additionally Alan’s wife and children attend. What makes it even more poignant is that Sir Simon’s father was ex FAA and latterly worked at the CAA in the Flight Operations (Helicopters) Department and knew Alan Bristow well during the development of offshore aviation to support North Sea oil and gas exploration. He also won the Alan Marsh Medal, presented by the RAeS for outstanding contribution to rotorcraft safety. Sir Simon’s father passed away only a few weeks ago so for him, delivering the lecture has special meaning.


It goes without saying that you all are invited to the event and I was wondering if you could possibly spread the word in regarding the lecture as it would be great to see a hefty military (FAA) presence on the evening. There is always free beer, wine and food after the event to encourage attendance!


Once again apologies for the cold call email, if you have any questions, please feel free to fire away, in the meantime, I do hope to meet you all at the lecture.


Kindest regards




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